Irimizu Shonyudo


89-3 Sugaya Aza Dairoku, Takine-machi, Tamura City, Fukushima Prefecture
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Irimizu Shonyudo Management Office
Tel: 0247-78-3393


Late March – Oct. 31
8:30am – 5:00pm
Nov. 1 – early March
8:30am – 4:30pm

*Please note that visiting the cave may be restricted due to rain or the like.
*Cave visiting hours may change depending on the course.

Entrance fee (cash only)

Course A
Adults (16 and over) 550 yen
Children (7 – 15) 450 yen
Course B
Adults (16 and over) 700 yen
Children (7 – 15) 500 yen
Course C
Adults (16 and over) 4,600 yen (up to 5 people)

*A reservation is required for Course C. Visitors cannot enter the course without a guide.
The fee for the Course C includes guide service and entry for up to five people per visit.

Group rates

Special discount rates apply for Courses A and B for groups of 15 or more people.

Adults (16 and over)

Course A

500 yen

Course B

550 yen

Children (7 – 15)

Course A

400 yen

Course B

450 yen

Cave guide

An underground world that will pique your sense of adventure – A real world of adventure!

Irimizu Shonyudo, which has been designated as a National Natural Treasure, is a limestone cave where visitors can experience a real taste for full-on spelunking.
Cave temperature is 12°C - 13°C, and the cave is wet and slippery.
The narrow cave runs a total of 900m from beginning to end and is divided into A, B, and C courses.
Course A is lit and you can enter wearing normal clothes.
For Courses B and C, you should bring a change of clothing that you don’t mind getting wet.
Little work has been done on the cave from Course B and beyond. Visitors will be in cold (10°C) water up to their knees as they make their way by ducking and crawling through the gaps in the cave by flashlight or candlelight.
Candles, raincoats, rubber sandals, and so on are available for purchase or rent from the office at the entrance.


Course A is 150m (takes about 30 mins)
Course B is 450m (takes about 60 mins)
Course C is 300m (takes about 90 mins)